I’m no Superman (Intro to my Blog)

Though I try to be, I am only human, and must learn to love myself just as much as I love others.


I can get pretty serious at times.

Often times feel as if the weight of the world is on me. I put a layer of pressure on myself that seems to say, “everything you do has to have meaning and positively affect those around you”. In theory, that isn’t a bad thing. The world is full of negativity and dark moments, yet to try to always be uplifting and always do everything with such urgency and mission based can be…well, quite frankly, exhausting.

I love people. I love seeing the world and all it’s colors. I love seeing someone encouraged after a hard day. I love seeing people smile and laugh and feel free to be themselves. Yet, I choose not to see that in my own life. I try to live as a superhero, going from person to person, trying to make a difference in every single one, and kicking myself when I fail my own lofty goals.

So where am I going with this? Well, it’s time for me to learn to just breathe. Time for me to learn what it means to live life and take my own advice for once! It’s time to seeĀ  not only the beauty in the world around me, but also in myself.

So, this is what my blog is about. Laying back, enjoying a coffee or snack, and just hanging out. I will be sharing my thoughts about random topics, people, personal thoughts and observations, and heck, opening the floor to others to share their lives,
just as a traveler would when they stop at a local diner.

So won’t you join me as we rest a spell and share our life’s experiences together? Because on the long road of life, we could all use a rest stop.


I’m thankful for friendships… More than I give credit for.

I often live my life as a loner, supporting others in my job, marriage and friendships, but when I have issues or things to deal with, I retreat inwards and try to solve my problems… All on my own.

With most issues this works. Day to day irritabilities can usually be solved this way. Yet deep in my soul I find moments where I run into situations or problems that are larger than what I can deal with and I am left puzzled, broken, and unsure what to do. My habits of self – repairing fail in these moments and I find myself clueless of how to handle it.

That’s where friends come in.

Being able to share my struggles to others, surprisingly to me, actually helps me with these major life issues. It feels good to share my heart and have people listen and share things that worked for them. They show that they do care and want to support me, and no matter how many times I encounter this, my heart is touched and I feel greatly encouraged. I’m not used to being on the other side, the one being helped and encouraged. I’m used to feeling that I have to solve things on my own, but my friends get all the support.

Twisted thinking that has to change, and will change, as I continue to learn to open up to those around me and trust that they do care about me.

Thank you, friends!

Balancing the Life Equation

Finding balance in my adult life is harder than I ever expected.

Again, I find myself caught up in the moment.

Responsibilities, long work weeks, chores, etc- it seems to be a never-ending battle. How do I balance those things in my life, plus have time for friendships, self-care, family, etc? How does one find balance in all those things?

Lately I have been reminded of the idea of balance, that extreme of either end can be detrimental to one’s health. When one focuses too much on their career, for example, it can affect one’s personal life, their immediate family members, as well as their own mental health. Too little work, on the other end of the spectrum, can lead to laziness, health problems, financial issues, etc.

So, how do I balance all the things that I have to do? How do I incorporate all these necessary things and goals into my daily life? As I get older I find these things growing increasingly difficult, like grasping a rope that slowly thins out as it is pulled away.

This is my struggle lately, as my mind is filled with goals unmet, desires unseen, and small accomplishments dart my path here and there. I want to do so much, I want to change the world in various ways, I want to see family weekly and inspire others to grow on occasion. I want to make my life more than work and responsibilities. I want to be a world changer.

What are your thoughts about balance? What have you incorporated into your daily life to make life more manageable and goals more easily attainable?

Vacation, all I ever needed

Vacation is a powerful tool that helped me this last week!

Oh, vacation. How I missed thee!

Vacation has been incredibly helpful this last week. I took some time off with my wife and we went down to my hometown, San Diego. We explored, we rested, we took in some sun- oh yeah, and don’t forget about the beach.

We got to take some time away from family, stresses, and other daily things to truly breathe in and enjoy life. We were both getting caught up too much on our daily stresses and it had, essentially, become our entire world. I was getting so stressed out that I was losing my cool anytime a customer spoke to me. So, away I went. And it saved my soul!

Well, I shouldn’t speak of vacations so dramatically. Vacations, in essence, are just one of many tools that we should utilize for our own personal health, on top of daily self care. It’s a great “reset button” when we get off-balance. I found that this time around, it was incredibly helpful, freeing, and helped realign everything that was off.

Today I go back to my daily grind of work, chores, bills, and other stressors. I have to remind myself to get back in balance by allowing myself to take breaks (in and out of work), give myself permission to rest and take little weekly adventures, and to find little moments of joy even in the stressful moments. I don’t need to let the stress conform and control who I am. I am a pretty chill guy from San Diego who loves people and enjoys the sun- and that doesn’t change even if the climate does.

Volcanic Fury

A volcanic dream that lays down some undertones in my life.

I had a rush of a dream last night.

In it, I was inside this underground cave, a walking experiment that seemingly comes from the 1950’s experimental era. In this underground city, an experimental nuclear reactor was created. Workers and some live-in staff walked through the cave-like corridors that surrounded this reactor, all eager and excited at this new prospect.

Yet, something went horribly wrong.

The alarms suddenly blared. People ran around, looking for the nearest exit before the emergency doors shut on them. I was one of three in a certain area that was trapped inside. One of them looked at me and said, “We are going to die from the lava”

Lava? Did the workers unearth a hidden volcano? My question was soon answered as in the distance, further in the cave, bright colors and rising liquid came closer and closer. In my dream I knew there was no escape, and the terror and fear of dying to lava was not a welcome one. My heart raced as I knew the inevitable was coming…

Then I woke up.

After I fell asleep shortly after, the same dream continued, and my death was surely coming ever closer.

What about these dreams? Why do they impact us so? Dreams are often our subconscious trying to express feelings, thoughts, and other suppressed things from the day and express them at night. In my life, this dream represents the chaotic atmosphere inside myself, the rising stress and anxiety from the day and other events in my life. It’s just another thing that shows me I really need to learn to let go and have fun. After all, I want to avoid these lava dreams at any cost!


Busy weeks

How do you survive yours?

Full time job, chores, errands, kids, unexpected stress- it can consume all our free time and occupy our thoughts indefinitely. This post is more open-ended- I want to hear from YOU.

How do you survive crazy weeks? What things do you do to make it easier? What’s your “battle plan” for when you are anticipating a busy week?

My thoughts on Essential Oils

My take on the newest natural craze.

Let me preface this by saying I was not paid for this input. This post is 100% my own opinion. These days there are so many posts pushing a product and saying how wonderful it is, but in reality it’s because of sponsorship and not the author’s personal opinion.

Essential oils, a product that came out in a time where the market was full of gimmicky products. Many brands try to push their product with promises way above how they actually perform- but not these guys.

I’m speaking of Young Living Essential Oils.

I am a skeptic of new things (I have to fully trust something before I am all in). So when my wife came and ordered this seemingly expensive product out of the blue, I was honestly frustrated. I had no knowledge of this stuff, I didn’t know if there was any false promises to this product and honestly, I didn’t understand the use of oils.

So I did my own research, looked into their claims, read opposing viewpoints, even FDA warnings- then I was ready to try it for myself.

There are several ways to use the oils, depending on the type (that part can be tricky, but luckily each product has all the proper info on the label). I put some on my wrists and even used some in an aromatic diffuser. I tried a bunch from my wife’s kit she ordered and found a few favorites. Although I haven’t fully experimented with them all, I found myself slowly falling in love with them. I read up on the health benefits and even began drinking one of their supplements (Ninjixa Red). I am seeing some of the benefits and it honestly opens my mind to further pursuing other healthy natural methods.

Before I continue, I want to note that this product is NOT a miracle cure. It will not cure cancer or remove all mental disorders with a single drop. It is a tool that helps when coupled with a healthy lifestyle.

What I found for me personally, it helped reduce my anxiety levels. Some of the smells remind me of pleasant memories (lemon, lime, orange, etc) and others help me to relax (lavender, stress away, peace and calming). I honestly feel better about using the products around the home and even for cleaning surfaces (thieves cleaner).

At the end of the day, the expense is worth it. I have peace in my heart about the goodness of the product, about using it as a tool to improve my life, and to use it around the house without fear of harsh chemicals (we are surrounded by them on a daily basis). While this post may sound like I am trying to sell the product, I just wanted to share my thoughts.

Have any thoughts or comments about natural products such as oils?

Like Father, Like Son

One man’s gifting leads another to find his own.

My dad is an author.

Not many people know it, but he has worked hard over the last several years publishing many books. He has dedicated many hours a day perfecting his craft, finding new ways to make his inner world come to life. He reads magazines on writing, he does online research, he takes care of the home, bills, as well as writing all these books.

He is one of my main reasons for pursuing writing.

Throughout my schooling I didn’t really think my writing was that great (see my last blog post). However, he and my mother both pushed me and constantly reminded me that it was indeed a wonderful gift and that I should use this ability.

I want my inner world to be known as much as he pursued it. He had to put his craft behind him for so long that he is now living his dream. Although not well known yet, he pushes through and continues to live his passion. I want to be able to experience the pure joy that he feels when his world comes into written form; the dream of sharing his heart with the world and letting them join in on his adventures. Just to know that others can share in that same experience is an exhilarating feeling.

If you would like a snippet of what he’s all about, check out his blog here: Words in the Wind.